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Our Peroxide Gels when used as instructed, should not cause any issues with sensitivity. If you do experience some sensitivity while using your Peroxide Gels you can skip your next application to let the sensitivity subside or use less gel during the next application. Our gel is formulated with the special ingredient found in sensodyne, created to fight off tooth sensitivity!

Our whitening gel will only whiten real, natural teeth. They have not been formulated to whiten dental work. 

We do NOT recommend ingesting any of the gel from the whitening pens but you should not experience any ill effects if a small amount is ingested.

We DO NOT recommend our Whitening Gels for pregnant or breast feeding women as they contain peroxides.

All of our orders are shipped directly to you at no charge from our office Kansas city, Missouri.    Free Shipping takes between 4-7 working days delivered anywhere in the USA

Our proprietary formula for whitening is designed be dentists to ensure they are safe for whitening enamel.  We even have a key ingredient that fights tooth sensitivity, which is the active ingredient found in sensodyne toothpaste.