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SpearSmile Luxury Home Whitening System

Professional Whitening at a Fraction of the Price & at Home!

32 LED Wireless Whitening Accelerator Light
• 4 Deluxe Sized whitening pens, 60+ Treatments
• Dentist Developed Custom Whitening Formula
• Charging cable (USB) (Eco-friendly) 
• Each purchase provides a donated oral care kit to a child in need!!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Nik Bando
    Love the product, worked great!

    Used this to whiten my teeth for a wedding. Worked great. Saw results in 10 days

    Susan Jackson
    Great customer service


    Christine Eckloff-Vassos
    Awesome results - tried many products before - this one works and doesn hurt my teeth!!!

    I have tried so many different whitening methods over the years. Over the counter strips, custom made retainers with gel, whitening toothpaste, dentist provided whitening gel to put inside my invisilign.

    All prior products have hurt my teeth and gums and had to be discontinued with no results.

    This product not only does NOT cause any sensitivity, but it is incredible. I went from a shade 7 to shade 3-4 in just one 10 day treatment.

    Thank you Dr. Spear for this wonderful product.

    Jamie Matkovich
    Jamie Matkovich

    Great product! I have sensitive teeth due to grinding at night which has worn down my enamel. I have not been able to use teeth whitening products for a few years, but after reading reviews and researching the brand I gave it a shot. I followed the recommendation to use a thin layer of the gel and I have not had any issues and can definitely see results! So happy I decided to give this a chance.

    Ulysea Damian
    Amazing Results!!!!

    I can say this is such a trusting product and gives results that show!! I definitely recommend using Spearsmile, I have no sensitivity and it’s quick and easy to use! LOVE IT!


    This whitening kit supplies a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to a child in need.